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Activating Century EverRide Maintenance Free AGM batteries

Prior to installation, Century EverRide dry charged batteries will need to be activated and a supplementary charge applied. If the battery is not fully charged prior to installation the performance and overall life of the battery may be impacted. Never activate the battery on the vehicle as acid electrolyte spillage can cause serious damage. Always wear suitable eye, face, and hand protection as well as protective clothing. Only use the acid electrolyte supplied with the battery as part of the activation process.

These batteries are supplied with an integrated acid pack inside the product packaging. Once activated these batteries are Maintenance Free and as such do not attempt to prise open or access the internal components of these battery types. Only use the acid electrolyte supplied with the battery as part of the activation process.

  1. Remove foil strip which runs across the top of the battery filling reservoir.
  2. Carefully remove the black plastic strip from the electrolyte container. IMPORTANT: Do not discard this strip as it acts as the battery sealing plug and is required later.
  3. Place electrolyte container, sealed top of the cells down, into the filler ports of the battery and push down to break the seals. Ensure the electrolyte container is kept in an upright position during this process.
  4. Ensure electrolyte container completely empties. If no air bubbles are coming from the filler ports or if the container cells haven’t emptied, tap the container a few times. Please do not remove the electrolyte container until it is empty.
  5. Remove container and allow battery to stand for 20 minutes to allow the electrolyte to permeate into the plates.
  6. Loosely replace the cap strip (as referred to in step 2) over the filling holes. Do not press down firmly or lock this into position at this stage.
  7. Once the electrolyte has been initially filled, charge the battery: 0.1CA x (5-10) Hr or 0.5CA x (0.5-1) Hr.
  8. After charging, press the cap strip firmly into the cap seats. It will click when correctly in place. Do not pound or hammer into place. IMPORTANT: Never remove the cap strip or add water or electrolyte to the battery.

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