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Activating Century EverRide Low Maintenance Batteries

Prior to installation, Century EverRide dry charged batteries will need to be activated and a supplementary charge applied. If the battery is not fully charged prior to installation the performance and overall life of the battery may be impacted. Never activate the battery on the vehicle as acid electrolyte spillage can cause serious damage. Always wear suitable eye, face, and hand protection as well as protective clothing. Only use the acid electrolyte supplied with the battery as part of the activation process.

  1. Remove sealing tube (red cap) and discard. Do NOT put this cap back on after the battery has been filled with electrolyte.
  2. Remove filling plugs located on battery top. And connect transparent exhaust pipe to the battery exhaust nozzle.
  3. Remove electrolyte bottle, cut the tip of the cap in half, and connect one end of the orange tube to the cap and the other end of the orange tube to one of the battery cell holes as shown.
  4. Tilt the electrolyte bottle to fill each individual cell to UPPER FILL level. Do not use water or any other liquid to activate the battery.
  5. Allow battery to stand for 20 minutes. Gently tap and or move the battery during this time to expel any air bubbles. If after 20 minutes the electrolyte levels have fallen in any of the cell, top up to the UPPER FILL level.
  6. Loosely replace refilling plugs to avoid electrolyte spitting while charging.
  7. Prior to installation the battery should be completely charged. Once the electrolyte has been initially filled, charge the battery: 0.1CA x (5-10) Hr OR 0.5CA x (0.5-1) Hr.
  8. During initial charging, check to see if electrolyte level has fallen. If yes, fill with electrolyte to UPPER FILL level and charge for another hour at the same rate as outlined in step 7.
  9. Replace and hand tighten filling plugs.
  10. Wash any spilt acid with water and baking soda solution.

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