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Century Marine Pro

Made for Boats... JUST BOATS

The Century Marine Pro range includes a comprehensive selection of superior quality marine batteries, incorporating advanced design features and specialist hard-wearing components for recreational or industrial marine applications.

Century Marine Pro batteries are equipped to handle the rigours of wave pounding, engine vibration and trailer transport while delivering reliable starting power and performance.

1-MarinePro-MarinePro680.jpgMarine Pro

The ultimate in marine battery performance and maintenance free technology, incorporating some of the toughest internal components in the industry. Built using Platelock™ technology to combat wave pounding and engine vibration, with extra thick battery plates and active material for enhanced starting power and capacity to run on-board accessories.

2-MarineProCruiser.jpgMarine Pro Cruiser

Heavy duty starting batteries designed for use in larger marine craft. The Marine Pro Cruiser range features stronger internal components, specialist separators and thicker plates to withstand vibration and provide reliable performance in extreme conditions.

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