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Stop-Start Car Batteries

Century ISS Active batteries are specially designed to satisfy the fuel saving and emission reducing benefits of vehicles fitted with Idle Stop Start (ISS) systems. The range incorporates innovative design features and advanced raw materials to deliver superior cycling performance, high charge acceptance for rapid recharge in between engine off modes and the extra power to run on-board electrics whilst the engine is switched off.

The range includes a comprehensive selection of EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries in DIN and JIS footprints for use in all levels of Stop Start technology.
View the ISS Active range brochure or select a product below to learn more about Century ISS Active batteries.

iss-agm.pngISS Active AGM Range

A range of premium batteries incorporating Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology for vehicles fitted with advanced Stop Start systems.  These include Idle Stop Start, Regenerative braking, Voltage control and other intelligent technologies designed to aid the reduction of Carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

iss-efb.pngISS Active EFB Range

A range of Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) designed to aid the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in vehicles fitted with standard Stop Start systems.  The range includes DIN style maintenance free batteries for popular European vehicles, plus low maintenance flooded batteries for Asian manufactured vehicles.