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Century Yu-Fit

Battery Configurator

Vehicles fitted with Stop Start (SS) systems have been developed by manufacturers to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, in line with global emissions targets.  

With the introduction of such CO2 production control systems, it is essential that the vehicle has the correct battery type and specification installed.  More importantly a number of automotive manufacturers have introduced active energy management systems that require the replacement battery to be correctly configured to the vehicle after installation.

These energy management systems control the charging system, to ensure optimum battery performance and Stop Start system functionality. The system uses information from the battery monitoring sensor to measure the battery’s Current, Voltage and Temperature. This data is used to calculate the battery’s state of health and state of charge.  The energy management system then adapts the battery charging strategy to manage electrical loads.

Failure to configure the correct specification battery could result in:

  • Undercharging or overcharging of the battery resulting in premature failure
  • Potential damage to the vehicles electrical system
  • Loss of Stop Start system functionality
  • Increased CO2 emissions & fuel consumption
  • Possible loss of non-critical vehicle functions

Configuration of the active energy management system can now be carried out using the Century Yu-Fit battery configurator. The Yu-Fit configures the replacement battery to the active energy management system and battery monitoring sensor.  It informs the vehicle a new battery has been installed, of the correct technology and performance, informs the charging system of the new battery characteristics and ensures the correct charging strategy is applied.

Using the Century Yu-Fit Tool

Please view a copy of the Yu-Fit Training Presentation for a detailed understanding on to how use the Century Yu-Fit tool and completing the battery configuration process. 

Additional information including a list of vehicles supported by the Yu-Fit tool is available for download from the options at the top right hand side of this page. 


Yu-Fit Registration

Before you can use the Century Yu-Fit battery configurator the supporting software must be installed to your PC and the unit registered. To register you must first download the Yu-Fit application suite using the following link:

Yu-Fit Installation & Registration Software

Once the application suite has been successfully installed, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.  By registering the product you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Product and technical updates via email
  • Notification of application updates for the Century Yu-Fit



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