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Repco Rally New Zealand


After 10 long years away, the FIA World Rally Championship has returned to New Zealand, and this time it is powered by one of New Zealand’s most popular battery brands.

Century Batteries has jumped onboard as the Official Battery partner of Repco Rally New Zealand for 2022, in what is set to be an action packed and adrenaline filled 4-day event centered around the Auckland and Waikato regions.

Century Batteries has always been a staunch supporter of New Zealand motorsports, and in addition to being the Official Battery of Repco Rally New Zealand they’ve also secured naming rights for the NZRC’s Service Park. The ‘Century Batteries Service Park’ will be located on Auckland’s Halsey Wharf, and will act as the home base for all New Zealand based drivers during the event.

Repco Rally New Zealand organisers believe the remarkable spectating at Jack’s Ridge - which offers a full day of rally action culminating in the thrilling finale - promises to be a world-class sporting experience with exhilarating jumps and technical corners.


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