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How to use the CC1206


Selecting the right battery type setting for your battery

The CC1206 is suitable for charging batteries rated up to 120Ah* and maintaining batteries rated up to 180Ah. The charger is designed to charge and maintain 12V conventional lead acid batteries. Simply follow the indications below to select the correct battery type setting on your CC1206:

  • SMF [Calcium] – Select this setting to charge Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) flooded calcium batteries.
  • AGM/Flooded – Select this setting to charge Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and maintainable flooded batteries.
  • Gel – Select this setting to charge Gel electrolyte type batteries.
*Based on 5 to 30% of battery Ah ratings. For optimum charging, 10% of battery Ah rating is recommended for flooded batteries and 20% of battery Ah rating is recommended for AGM & Gel batteries.

Selecting the right charge rate setting for your battery

When using the CC1206 it is important to select the correct charge rate option for the battery you are charging. The common mistake many people make is to use the highest charge rate setting, not realising it could actually damage the internal components, reducing battery life. The recommended charging Amps for a flooded lead acid battery is 10% of its Ah rating. For an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) or Gel battery this can be increase to 20% of its Ah rating.

The CC1206 has 3 charge settings: 1A, 3A and 6A.
  • The 1A - maintenance mode - will charge a range of lead acid batteries between 3 and 20Ah and will maintain batteries up to 100Ah.
  • The 3A - silent charge mode - will charge a range of lead acid batteries between 9 and 60Ah and will maintain batteries up to 110Ah. This charge rate is ideal in use for motorcycles, powersports and lawn & garden applications. 
  • The 6A - rapid charge mode - will charge a range of lead acid batteries between 18 and 120Ah and will maintain batteries up to 180Ah. During this mode, the internal fan may engage from time to time if the charger gets hot.
Charging-rate-table-(2).jpg  Charging-rate-table-2-(1).jpg
The Ah (Ampere Hours) capacities shown above are to be used as a general guide only. Refer to the battery manufacturers specifications and recommendations for your charging requirements.

Where can I find the Ah rating of my battery?

You can view the Ah rating of all Century batteries on our website. Click here to search your battery type and check its specifications. 

Download the CC1206 product brochure or view our training video to learn more about the CC1206 battery charger and maintainer.
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