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Million Metres


Century Yuasa Batteries is proud to continue its support for the Million Meters streams project. Million Metres stream projects is a non-profit project set up to restore the health of New Zealand waterways. Currently:
  • 82% of river length in pastoral farming areas is not suitable for swimming;
  • 94% of river length in urban areas is not suitable for swimming;
  • 76% of our native freshwater fish species are threatened with extinction (up 44% since 1990)
  • 75% of New Zealand’s native forests have been cut down
  • 90% of New Zealand’s historic wetlands have been dumped in, drained and filled to make way for development and agriculture. Wetlands are the kidney of our water system – filtering out pollutants, act as nurseries for wildlife etc.)

Since partnering with Million Metres in 2015, Century Yuasa has donated more than $154,000 to waterway restoration. This has supported 17 different projects across New Zealand and is contributing to the planting of 22,000 native plants and trees!



The MAGS Farm Sustainable Education Project, Mount Albert

With the help from Century Yuasa, the MAGS Farm Sustainable Education Project was able to successfully plant 2000 native plants and trees along 300 metres of stream last year! The planting was completed with the help of 250+ volunteers, with majority of the work force made up by very enthusiastic and passionate students who gained valuable experience during planting and will hopefully be ambassadors for future planting events. The area is now fenced with recylced plastic future posts which have taken 2.5 tonnes of plastic out of society. Plants will be maintained over the coming years to ensure success and provide habitat for native fish such as Tuna and Banded Kokopu.



Waimā Waitai Waiora Restoring the Wairoa River and its tributaries, Northland

Thanks to the support from Century Yuasa, we’ve been able to contribute to a massive restoration effort within the Kaipara catchment! During 2020, the Waimā Waitai Waiora Partnership were able to get 133,000 plants and trees planted along 9.2km of waterways. These plants went into 14 different sites, with planting done by local contractors directly from the Kaipara catchment to ensure the funds were captured within the local community. This was a collaborative effort, with Million Metres being one of eight partners within the Waimā Waitai Waiora Partnership.

For more information on any of the projects Million Metres are working on, head to their website:


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