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Century Marine Pro

Made for Boats... JUST BOATS

The comprehensive range of Marine Pro Batteries has been designed to meet all your engine starting requirements. With the quality of a Century battery you can rely on its ability to start your boat’s engine, run the normal accessories on board, and most importantly get you back to shore safely – think of your battery as your lifesaver. In addition, all marine batteries are specifically designed to handle the rigors of wave pounding and engine vibration.

The heavy power needs of some Optional Electrics may require the additional support of a dual battery system, which includes a Deep Cycle Battery. For information on Dual Battery Systems and calculating the correct power needs for your boat, please refer to the Century Deep Cycle Brochure.

Note: The battery size and horse power rating is a guide for general engine and auxiliary load requirements. Some manufacturers of high performance engines may specify a minimum cranking amperage above this guide. Always check your engine manual for special requirements.
Product Warranty Volts CCA RC Dimensions (mm) LxWxTH Polarity Terminal Type
31-1000MF 24 12 1000 200 330x172x242 H Standard
AXD26R 24 12 750 140 260x176x225 D Standard
AXD31-800 24 12 900 180 330x176x240 H Stud/Standard
M24MF 24 12 680 140 257x172x220 D Twin
M27MF 24 12 720 160 302x172x220 D Twin
M30MF 24 12 800 180 330x172x242 H Twin
M57MF 24 12 530 86 231x171x207 C Dual
N150MF 24 12 1000 300 508x220x241 F Standard
N200MF 24 12 1150 400 520x277x245 F Standard