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Lawn & Garden

Dependable Power from Season to Season

Manufactured to the highest international standards from durable internal components and the latest engineering techniques, Katana Lawn and Garden batteries are designed to provide reliable starting power and performance.

Featuring both Maintainable and Maintenance Free VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries, Katana Lawn and Garden batteries are suitable for a diverse range of applications.

Katana Maintainable Range

Reduced self-discharge and water loss.
Engineered to protect against acid seepage, corrosion and vibration damage.
Specialist separators for high cranking power.
Maintainable design to maximise battery life reduced
self-discharge and water loss. 

Katana Maintenance Free Range

Calcium/Calcium technology for improved starting power and low self- discharge.
Robust internal components to withstand damage from corrosion and vibration.
Maintenance Free design.
Protection against contamination form dirt, dust, grass and salt water.
Product Warranty Volts Ah Dimensions (mm) LxWxTH
C12N24-3 12 12 24 (20hr) 186x125x176
C12N24-4 12 12 24 (20hr) 186x125x176
U1MF 12 12 32 (20hr) 197x132x186
U1RMF 12 12 32 (20hr) 197x132x186